ROMERO MENDOZA was reestablished in Venezuela in 2000 by a family who recovered  a 50 year tradition of Cigar manufacturing in Venezuela, specifically in the city of CumanĂ¡, located at the State of Sucre, in the Caribbean.  This tradition of Venezuelan tobacco, taste and aroma was also found in Nicaragua where the ROMERO MENDOZA family also blends and produce the best Cigars.

ROMERO MENDOZA is a pure Cigar handmade by the best tobacco rollers in Venezuela and Nicaragua, with the tobacco leaf mixture and quality control that give all products the depth of flavor and aroma demanded by exclusive smokers.

Romero Mendoza has achieved to concentrate in its Cigars the best combination of shot, smoke and texture, besides the aroma and taste to heighten pleasure.
Pureness is our commitment, and your pleasure is our goal.